Turning One, More than a picture..

These are from a session of a cutie patootie one year old. She was just so cute and so smiley! And like most one year olds, on the move!! lol! I am reminded by these of why I do this. I love when you look at an image and see more than just a picture. What I want you to see, and what I want to see, is art. A wonderful artistic image that you are a part of. I want you to be able to see the image and then close your eyes and relive the moment, the times of that period of your life. Am I thinking too deep? Probably. I normally do, but that’s ok. 🙂 I have dealing with being sick for a while now. I don’t like to share it on here with you guys. I don’t want anyone looking at me funny or scared I will die if you hire me. lol! I won’t. If it was deadly I would be dead by now. The latest they think it is is Cold Agglutenin’s disease, a rare blood disease that is manageable. I’ve been through a lot on the way and they have had a lot of theories along the way. Some very serious ones that really make you think. This whole thing has really made me appreciate  life and how short it is and how blessed we all are.  I am very thankful to be here and to have this talent. And I am very thankful to be able to be a part of all of your lives, even for a short time. I LOVE this opportunity that I have. There are so many beautiful people out there, and I get to capture them on film..well.. disc. 😀 Again, I am fine. Sometimes you just need to talk.

So back to the session!! 😀 Here are a few favs! Such a cutie!!

a few vintage.. 🙂





Do you think I scared her? lol!!EmmeProof27web



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