This is from Justin and Mary:

I really really want this!! I want it all!! I want them to come here to Charlotte, and did you see those prizes??!!!


Announcing the Spread the Love Tour 2010: Choose Our Adventure Contest!!!

“This winter, Justin & I (and Julia too!) will be hitting the road for a 20 city Spread the Love Tour (probably in a Road Rules inspired Winnebago!! :). But we need YOUR help in choosing which cities those will be!! You, quite literally, get to choose our adventure!!The voting is simple: just leave a note in the comment box with your city of choice to place your vote.But we didn’t want to stop there.We thought we’d up the ante.To help us really start getting the word out and….ahem…Spread the Love if you will, we came up with lil’ prized packed Twitter contest to entice you to help us Rock the Vote!! Here’s the deal:

The voting will remain open for the next 10, count em 10 days. During that time, everyone who votes (one vote per person please!) will be entered into a drawing to win one of our UNBELIEVABLE prizes (no seriously, I still CAN’T believe we got hooked up with these prizes!!). But we wanted to give you MORE ways to enter!

** Blog about the tour and link back to the voting, and you will be entered an additional 5 times! Just shoot us an email at justin@justinmarantz.com with the link and we’ll get you entered.
** Twitter about the tour, up to one time a day, and you will be entered once for each time you twitter up to a total of 10 times!! Make sure to twitter this exact phrase with your city filled in to be eligible: “Spread the Love Tour 2010: Vote 4 (Your City) Here!! http://www.justinmarantz.com via @marymarantz Please RT!!” ** make sure to leave the “via @marymarantz” so we see your tweet!!!
**Do all three (vote, blog, and twitter) and we will reward you with a bonus 10 entries for going the extra mile!!

The contest closes on September 18th 12pm EST, when we will be announcing the 20 cities and all the winners!! Here are just some of the awesome prizes that you could win!!”

Did I say yet how much I really really really want this!!! I am especially drooling over those dirty pictures!!! 😉


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