Joey’s First Day of PreSchool

His face says it all!! LOL!


My poor little Joey was a MONSTER on his first day!! Even getting him into the car took 2 of us!! It was crazy!! We literally had to take him kicking and SCREAMING the whole way! Even going into the school, ” I DON”T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!!!!” You would have thought we were taking him to get shots!! He was grabbing at every doorway, every corner, the handrail going up the stairs to his class, it was INSANE. So insane in fact that we couldn’t do anything but LAUGH. LOL!  It was crazy! The teacher was great and just said, give him to me and GO! So we did.. and ran. LOL! I kept waiting for my phone to ring thinking they would call and say, “We can’t take it any more!” But no call. 🙂 I went to pick him up 4 hours later and she said he did awesome! I was in shock! “Awesome.. really??” And every day now since he goes in just fine, no screaming. 🙂 I am still amazed. My crazy kid…I couldn’t love him more.


2 responses to “Joey’s First Day of PreSchool

  1. Amanda Prince September 19, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    HAHHAAAAAAA! I LOVE it, absolutely LOVE! What a great story you’ll have to tell him later.

  2. Candy Howard September 25, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    My youngest was the same way!

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